New Song – Bedlam Bo Peep

Lyrics Bedlam Bo Peep I hush your name I hush your name Why won’t you tell me What’s goin’ down Leavin’ all the world to decay Leavin’ all Leavin’ all the world to decay Leavin’ all What’s with the pain Rollercoaster pain Come close to me And let me see Leavin’ all the world to […]

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New Song – Lady In Space

Here’s a new song for you finally. As you know, you’ll experience the superior audio quality of an AIFF file rather than an MP3 or streaming. Because of this, we are offering you the opportunity to download our new song, Lady In Space, for free. We encourage you to download one of the higher quality […]

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New Video for the Single, Shotgun

A song without words in the chorus. Written circa 2005, but it wasn’t recorded until July of last year. We were inspired to put together some found old footage to use for the video. We’re in it too, but only as ghosts. If you want to own it, it’s only available on BandCamp. Lyrics: Shotgun Shotgun Shotgun […]

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Song “Mr. Radio Man”

The tenth and final song on “God Has a Cadillac Too” is “Mr. Radio Man”.  It was written when I was about 19 years old.  Have you ever noticed that if you listen to a classic rock station for more than an hour your chances of not hearing Steve Miller are pretty nil.  He’s everywhere […]

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Song “Stone”

The eighth song on “God Has a Cadillac Too” is “Stone”.  Casey wrote the music and the lyrics which go like this… Stone has no name Remaining doesn’t stay the same Stone won’t complain You can’t move them and remain the same If you like I’ll drive a spike The kind that you used to […]

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