Hey, guess what? Maheekat Special Offer!

We’ve just released the CD version of Songs from the Woods!

For a limited time, you can buy the new Maheekat EP, Songs from the Woods REMASTERED, and get our first CD, God Has a Cadillac Too, for FREE! Plus you’ll get a couple of our new round stickers that feature the much-loved original stencil. Of course it’s Craig Camp’s Maheekat design without wings.

Maheekat Sticker Sample

All you have to do is follow this link to Songs from the Woods on our BandCamp and scroll past the Digital Album to the REMASTERED CD.

maheekats Bandcamp songs from the woods

The new EP contains our most popular song right now, Without Horizons. The Sonic Breakfast blog said “The bump of happiness is akin to the first day of Spring or knowing somebody cares. It’s like eating a piece of rich, dark chocolate or seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, this is a song that makes me smile.”

The Primal Music blog said “The greatest element of ‘Without Horizons’ is that it features some of the EP’s most well-written lyrics. These lyrics read as poetry and arise as the songs ultimate feature after each listen.”

Our very first CD, God Has a Cadillac Too, was released in 2001 and editor, Michel Cicero said “…makes me think of flying dreams, air conditioning and convertible Porsches. That is to say it transports me someplace cool. Day dreamy and breezy without being vacuous, it leaves space to reflect and breathe, giving the music at times a meditative groove. Torchy, lush vocals and lingering melodies sparkle like the California coast on a perfect day; a landscape the musicians are obviously familiar with. Hailing from Maheeland, a mystical portal to other dimensions…”

Give us a like on Facebook! We just posted a video about this special offer and we’ll be sending out some new CD’s and stickers to the folks who took advantage of it. You can check out the video here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/maheekats/videos/

Follow us on Twitter! We posted the promotional video there too and pinned it to the top of our page. You can check out the video here too: https://twitter.com/maheekat

Thank you so much for everyone’s continued support!

Maheekats CDs


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