Maheekats and the Story of Edward Gizzard Hands

One autumn evening several years ago, right around Thanksgiving Day in the year 2011, Maheekats posted on Facebook. What did they post? This…

“Edward Gizzard Hands”

Recently, a person randomly searched the internet for “edward gizzard hands” and guess what he found? He found the Maheekats’ Facebook page. He listented to and liked the music. Maheekats received a wonderful message from this mystery person, saying the following…

“I searched “edward gizzard hands” on Google and I was brought here and only here. I’ll probably buy some of your music just because of the happenstance of randomly searching edward gizzard hands on Google and being brought here. Not to mention that your music is actually good

Maheekats rolled around on the floor laughing so hard that they cried. They cried because they were so very happy to have received this message. It brightened their world from then on. Their world is still bright to this day. If you want to see it, all you have to do is look outside on a waxing crescent moon night. That warm gentle hue? That’s the Maheekat light.


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