Fundraiser for a Helium Lifestand for Heather Mattoon

Below is the information about the Lifestand for our friend, Heather.  She’s almost there!  She just needs a few more donations.

“The purpose is to gather enough money to buy a Lifestand, a wheelchair that allows one to stand easily without strain anywhere at anytime.”

“Hello everyone,
I have set up this fundraiser to raise funds for my beautiful friend Heather. If you know Heather, nothing more needs to be said, as everyone who has ever met her has felt her amazing spirit. For those of you who don’t know her, she brings love, joy, and a sweet talent to this world that is unmeasurable. Her life story is immense, but I would like to focus on a small part of it, that has been more than challenging for her. She was involved in an accident that caused a spinal cord injury that put her in a wheel chair. I remember visiting her in the rehab center and walking out, asking my husband how she stays so positive and so worried for when it would actually hit her and she would fall apart……she never did!! She has been in a wheelchair for 7 years now and she is suffering from nerve pain. A stand up wheelchair would help reduce this pain and give her the opportunity to stand easily anywhere at anytime. Plus it helps with circulation and weight bearing for her legs which need as much therapy as possible. The Helium Lifestand is very costly and this is where I hope the heart of the world will rise up. Together, let’s raise the funds and give some kindness to someone who adds so much beauty and kindness to the world! Every bit counts. Let’s do this together. Thank you!”

If you didn’t know, Heather is the painter behind Cats In Clothes.

heather matoon cats in clothes website screen grab

Here she is talking about the helium Lifestand in this video…


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