Ska! Craig will be playing drums instead of bass this Saturday night at Soho

Hey everyone, if you didn’t know, Craig used to be a drummer before he moved on to play bass (and guitar) in Maheekats.  He’s a GREAT drummer.  As a matter of fact, drummers used to come to his shows and line up along the wall near the stage to watch him play!

I encourage you to join us this Saturday night, Jan. 11, 2014 at Soho for the reunion of ComboNation.  ComboNation is the ska band that Craig created back in the ’80’s that was very popular and successful.  It has been nearly 30 years since they’ve performed a live show.  This reunion show is going to be one of the biggest splashes of old school Ska this town has seen in a long time.

Oh and did I mention dancing? I’ll be dancing that’s for sure!  You can’t help but dance when there’s a solid rhythm section and fun music to dance to!  Yep, I’ll be in the audience this time.  I hope to see you there and I look forward to actually be able to talk to you since I won’t be singing!  (I try to refrain from talking too much before and after I sing. That’s why I’m always so quiet! Ha!)

Here’s a video of them playing way back when…


Peace and blessed be,


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