Maheekats December Show

Well helooooo,

We haven’t posted in a while, but hey! it gets busy sometimes! Busy with what? WRITING NEW SONGS!!! What else? PRACTICING!!!  Anything else? RECORDING, PRODUCING, MIXING, MASTERING!!!  Whew!

Only one show this month, and it’ll be this Friday night! Can’t wait to see all our friends! Friday, Dec. 20th at Whiskey Richard’s (yeah, we like it there… =^.^= )

We’ll be playing with Rooster Ra.  They’re comin’ up from south of here.  Here’s a vid of them playin’ and talkin’ about stuff…

They have a kind of Hillbilly Ditch Torque Rock sound with clean and fast guitar and bass work. THEY’RE REALLY TALENTED and we’re very happy to be playing with them.

Show starts around 10 pm.

If you or if you know anyone who would like to help with merch, we would greatly appreciate it!!

Peace and blessed be,



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