Maheekats to play the Press Room

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Halloween is nearing, and it is also ROCKTOBER! Come to the Press Room on Sunday, October 27th to see a trio of innovative and unconventional yet aesthetically enticing indie rock outfits!!!

It all starts at probably around 9ish, with solo act extraordinaire AHSTYN. Using the latest in home recording technology and marrying it to his huge, sweet heart, Austin Ryan makes beautiful indie punk songs into a live rock reality… all by his lonesome… at the last AHSTYN show many a tear was shed… and all agreed that the man has a most excellent middle name.

After the sure to be amazing AHSTYN set, Waiting Around to Die will hit the stage. How sober will they be? It is anyone’s guess… But one thing is for sure, and that is Waiting Around’s commitment to putting everything they have into their sets. They may rely on Patty the Rhythm Machine ™ to take care of drum and bass duties, but they give everything they have to the aggressiveness and passion of their catchy yet enraged songs, which are usually about being miserable and/or feeling betrayed. Marrying Ryan’s whiskey-damaged, impassioned melodies to Kit’s Marr-esque spazziness, the duo have a post-punk aesthetic and background…and they believe in the d.i.y, punk ethos. Frankly, they find everything and everyone who is safe and conventional to be a real stick in the Mud. The members of WA2D have been known to do unpredictable things during their performances…such as smash themselves in the heads with their guitars. Just hold on to your beers.

Lastly, and probably as the witching hour is upon this absolutely stunning city of transient bodies and neighborly spirit, the legend that is Maheekats will take the stage. Maheekats core members are better known as THE C AND C MUSIC FACTORY. Yes, Clara and Casey know how to craft melodies and project them to the audience layered in a mist of ethereal ambience that can put the most feared tough guy into a head-bobbing, romantic trance… and Maheekats are an aural romantic poem. This is why we love them so. Clara’s lyrics have a fairy tale quality, and the music would fit perfectly on the 4ad catalogue.

Anyway, in the midst of all this special music, Chris the tank-topped bar tender will be serving you stiff alcohol with a smile. Also, you will be at The Press Room, which feels like a living room…filled with really personable folks who love soccer and have excellent taste in music. Attendees are urged to dress in Halloween finery. The theme is…ROCKSTARS, living or dead. Last year WA2D went a Kurt and Courtney. Ryan made a very….interesting Courtney, and of course Kit was hot as shit as Mr. Cobain.

So, come all yee faithful to the Press Room on Sunday bloody Sunday the 27th of Rocktober. And be prepared for a special night!


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