Getting ready for this Friday’s Event to support The Fender Music Foundation!



Hey everyone!

We’re getting ready for this Friday’s special event in support of the Fender Music Foundation.  I picked up the banner, poster and brochures today.  Check it out!

photo 3


This is a pretty nifty amp!  Well it isn’t an amp any longer…  It’s a piggy bank for collecting donations!

photo 5

We’ll also be accepting instrument donations.  Please click here to learn more.  Instrument Drive: contact

Please help us spread the word by sharing this post!  Love to you all of you who do share!

The event will be held at Roy Restaurant at 7 W Carrillo St., Downtown Santa Barbara on Friday, September 27th from 8 – 12 midnight.  We are scheduled to play twice throughout the night. There will be no cover charge for this event.  However, we do suggest donating in one of the two donation boxes, and also picking up some more information on the Fender Music Foundation.  “No amount is too small or too big!”

Fender Flier


Peace and blessed be,


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