Song “Mr. Radio Man”

The tenth and final song on “God Has a Cadillac Too” is “Mr. Radio Man”.  It was written when I was about 19 years old.  Have you ever noticed that if you listen to a classic rock station for more than an hour your chances of not hearing Steve Miller are pretty nil.  He’s everywhere on the radio!  He’s Mr. Radio Man!

Here’s the scene that goes with the first part of the song… Imagine a 1970’s suburban house with the garage door open.  Complete with oil stains on the cement floor and old camping gear hanging from the ceiling.  A middle aged man (probably a Vietnam vet) tinkers about the garage fixing something.  And a transistor radio sits on his work bench.  The volume is low and it sounds like an AM station is playing “Fly Like an Eagle”.

The second part of the song is me waking up from this daydream.

Note: If you read each line from the right to the left it makes more sense.

Garage the in music his plays he
There happens everything ’cause
Garage the in
Mr. Radio Man

Flowers pick to likes he
Clowns you all at laughs he
At stare don’t
Mr. Radio Man

Child a like dances he
Things simple in believing
Man simple a
Mr. Radio Man

She pressed stop listening to the birds outside
Then realized she was focusing on the cars going by

She thinks and all she wants is not to


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