Song “Just Passing Through”

The ninth song on “God Has a Cadillac Too” is “Just Passing Through”.  Casey has a wonderful ability to create the soundscape effect.  When I hear this song it makes me wish I was driving and old van out on the open California desert highway, with the windows rolled down and it being over 100 degrees.  To some it may seem like misery, but to me there’s freedom in that.

All he wanted to be
Climbing up a tree to see when
All he had to do was fall
In Love

They will go gray
Asking what they said today but
You and me will be
In Love

Freedom mother me
Freedom smother me

And if all is lost on my search for truth
Then so be it ’cause I’ll be
In Love

Because I want nothing else but God itself
All of this and living
In Love

Freedom’s no luxury
Freedom’s necessity
Can’t you see?


desert highway


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