Song “La Noche”

The seventh song on “God Has a Cadillac Too” is “La Noche”.  One of our only songs that uses a drum machine…. a nice simple groove with an open guitar sound.  Here are the lyrics…

I see my ma crying
I see a child laughing
I see the sky in all it’s glory

I see you and me lost in a world of reality
Lost in a world of reality
Lost in a world of reality

En la noche esta una lampara


I was going to scrap this poem after I wrote it because of the way it starts… “I see”.  So many poems start with “I see”, and all kinds of different variations of “I see”.  But the words fit the music so I kept it.  I also realized that “reality” seems to have so much more love in it than what I’d previously thought.   I was always trying to escape it rather than go into it and accept it.  It’s like going into the night at first but there’s always a lamp to light the way, and it seems as though it gets brighter the deeper we go.

Casey next to the Cadillac that God took back


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