Great Maheekat Review

A big thank you to Michel Cicero for this great review in a local newspaper.


”This record makes me think of flying dreams, air conditioning and convertible Porsches. That is to say it transports me someplace cool. Day dreamy and breezy without being vacuous, it leaves space to reflect and breathe, giving the music at times a meditative groove. Torchy, lush vocals and lingering melodies sparkle like the California coast on a perfect day; a landscape the musicians are obviously familiar with. Hailing from Maheeland, a mystical portal to other dimensions located deep in the Ojai Valley, the Maheekats are Casey Camp and Clarabell (an accomplished poet), who started their project in 1999. The don’t seem to play out much, so if you want to hear them you’ll need to download their music. They call it “psychedelic dub.” I call it “good.””

We’re always so thankful for any reviews.  And I get especially happy when it’s a good one!

God Has a Cadillac Too by The Maheekats


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